Casinò de Saint-Vincent Aosta We are 30 minutes from the Casino of St. Vincent (AOSTA), known for the Gold Grolle and for countless events in its interior.

1921: A summer roulette.
In 1921, Mayor Elia Page asked the Aofer Prefect of Subota for permission to open a roulette for the summer months. The Sub-Prefect consented to reminding him of the responsibilities associated with maintaining public order in the municipality. In that same summer, Kursaal's salon started to play money, and in September the administration managed to pay the huge debts for the works at the mountain canal.

1945: Official Opening Ceremony of the Casino.
At the end of the Second World War, the National Liberation Committee appointed Mayor Saint-Vincent again to Elia Page, who shortly after November 6, 1945 wrote to the Minister of the Interior, probably ignoring the dicastery was interim Head of the Government of Ferruccio Parri, to request "the concession for the exercise of all gambling in exclusive form, for the territory of Valle d'Aosta, for a period of fifteen years" and explaining that "most of the The problems currently affecting the City of Saint-Vincent and the others in the Aosta Valley to provide adequate and worthy equipment would certainly be solved with revenue from the proceeds ... ", but concluding with a" as soon as the negotiations With the Company chosen for the greatest assurance and seriousness of the offers will come to a concrete form, it will be for the undersigned to give due notice to this Honorable Ministry "which said it long on the resolution of the Mayor in the continuation of this road ...
And the story continues ...