Castello di Fenis The birth and the early stages of development of the castle fenis continue to remain completely unknown. Appendix extreme south-west of that splendid sequence of gently sloping meadows that closes on the south slopes of Mount Saint Julien, with the village of Pommier, the building occupies what seems much more the ideal location for the center directional a farm that is not a fortress

The historical narrative ancient sources attribute the "construction" of the castle, as we see it today, for Aimone of Challants. Although you do not possess accounting documents in this connection the fact is confirmed by the historical events of the family and the language character of the building. Once again, the legal documents drawn up at the mention of a castle hall "nova" from 1342, which allows us to fix 1340 about the date of the first intervention of Aimone.

From here begins the most recent history of the castle fenis, that is, until today, the monument of the Aosta Valley and loved and visited by tourists. The Castle fenis is one of the most visited monuments in northern Italy and its image and gives rise to a real symbol of the Valle d'Aosta feudal and medieval one hand, of the Middle Ages the same on the other, is among the most used and perhaps even abused.